Linda Colley’s publications, including books, articles and reviews. On the books page you will find more detailed synopses of her currently available books.

In addition to Linda Colley’s scholarly articles and essays which you can check out on the curriculum vitae included in this website, Linda Colley also writes regularly on history, politics and art for some newspapers and magazines. Here is a selection of pieces published in the past ten years:

The London Review of Books:

Wide-Angled: Global History”, 26 September 2013

Little Englander Histories”, 22 July 2010

Not like the Rest of US: The Clinton Succession”, 16 August 2007

Powered by Fear: Putting the Navy in its place”, 3 February 2005

We are all Scots here: Scotland and Empire”, 12 December 2002

The New York Review of Books:

A Tale of Two Empires”, 17 July 2008

The Sea around us”, 22 June 2006

The Guardian:

We need new solutions for governing this disunited kingdom”, 5 January 2014

Paul Sandby: Picturing Britain”, 7 November 2009

Rank and File”, 16 May 2009 – on an exhibition of images of social class in Britain

Brave new world”, 21 April 2007 – on an exhibition of images of Native Americans

New Republic:

Fantastic voyage – The history of travel around the earth”, 21 December 2012

No text, please”, 22 June 2012 – on Britain and constitutions

The Hindu:

Making History on the Move”, 13 December 2011 – an interview on my approaches to historical research and writing