Select List of Public Lectures in Print or Online

  • Britishness in the 21st Century (Prime Minister’s Millennium Lecture, 1999, 10 Downing Street website).
  • Britain as Europe (Beall-Russell Lecture, Baylor University, 2000); revised version in New Britain – the Report (Smith Institute, London, 2001); re-printed in D. and M. Leonard (eds.), The Pro-European Reader (Palgrave/Foreign Policy Centre: London, 2002)
  • “‘This Small Island’: Britain, Size and Empire”, Proceedings of the British Academy in 2004 (Raleigh Lecture). Shorter version published in Times Literary Supplement 20 September 2002
  • “Magna Carta”, Lecture delivered at The Guildhall, London, 25 November 2014 [YouTube]
  • “Can History Help?”, the London Review of Books Winter lecture at the British Museum, available in print and audio in the on-line London Review of Books for 22 March 2018.
  • “Constitutions across histories and literatures”, University College Dublin Arts and Humanities Lecture, 1 November 2018 [YouTube]
  • “What happens when a written constitution is printed? A history across boundaries”, Prothero Lecture for the Royal Historical Society, 8 December 2020. Delivered via Zoom, this lecture is available here.