Select List of Reviews

Here is a selection of pieces published in the past dozen years:

The London Review of Books:

In Disguise of a Merchant”, 30 July 2020

Can History Help?”, 22 March 2018

Wide-Angled: Global History”, 26 September 2013

Little Englander Histories”, 22 July 2010

The New York Review of Books:

What gets called ‘Civil War’?”, 8 June 2017

Facing Napoleon’s own EU”, 5 November 2015

The Guardian:

We need new solutions for governing this disunited kingdom”, 5 January 2014

Scottish Independence: Catalogue of Errors that has brought the UK to the brink”, 16 September 2014

New Republic:

Fantastic voyage – The history of travel around the earth”, 21 December 2012

The Hindu:

Making History on the Move”, 13 December 2011 – an interview on my approaches to historical research and writing