Taking Stock of Taking Liberties

‘One of the most powerful demonstrations of our history and its consequences that you could ever witness… awe inspiring’Stroud News and Journal

‘The exhibition itself is brilliant. People are queuing to see the… myriad pages of paper and ink that have made us who we are’ New Statesman

‘A very sophisticated, but also accessible exhibition. You come away with the wonder, and you can wallow in it, and be challenged by it’ BBC Radio 4 Front Row

‘A rich and absorbing show of enormous educational value’ Oneworld.net

‘Our MPs should be frogmarched from their ivory tower to inspect this exhibition’ The Independent

This is a short introduction to an exhibition Linda Colley guest-curated at the British Library, London, of documents and objects to do with debates and struggles about liberties in these islands. The exhibition ran from 31 October 2008 to 1 March 2009, and attracted 100,000